Unlimited Sports


Race Courses

Outside water start, the swim M-shaped swim course begins 1000 meters far from transition area, in front of Amo Beach Restaurant in Jurere Internacional.The first leg of 960 meters goes toward large buoy 1 (orange) and has to be circumvented from right to left (buoy on left shoulder). Then athletes swim a short leg of 250 meters to reach the small buoy 2 (orange), which will also has to be on left shoulder. At this point athletes will swim towards the beach, on a 945 meters leg.Reaching the shore, in front of Donna restaurant, previous editions swim start area, athletes will cross the 70 meters u-turn through the sand, where there will be an aid station and a timing control, returning to the water. At this point (out of water), there will be a red ballon.Athletes will then begin another 775 meters leg into the large buoy 3 (orange ) direction, and again, it has to be on left shoulder. Then athletes will swim a short leg of 150 meters to the reach the small buoy 4 (orange), and towards the beach completing the last leg of 650 meters .Athletes will then follow a 40 meters stretch through to get the swim finish portico.
In a 2 lap challenging course, athletes will ride through a breathtaking and windy course.
4 loop course with 4 aid stations and 16 refill opportunities.