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Ironman Florianópolis

Discover the IRONMAN VILLAGE, open to the public from May 15 to 20 at the P12! The best brands, products, and exclusive services for athletes, companions, and sports fans.

Free Entrance

May 15 (Wednesday) from 02 PM to 07 PM
May 16 (Thursday) das 09 AM to 07 PM
May 17 (Friday) from 09 AM to 07 PM
May 18 (Saturday) from 08:30 AM to 07 PM
May 19 (Sunday) from 7:30 AM to 08 PM
May 20 (Monday) from 9:00 AM to 02 PM

P12 – Serv. José Cardoso de Oliveira – Jurerê Internacional, Florianópolis – SC

More information about the schedule of the Itaú BBA IRONMAN Brasil 2024

Ironman Florianópolis

The 2024 season is starting, and a new, beautiful, and exclusive collection will be available for lovers of the #swimbikerun combo! Incredible offers, personalized service, and a wide variety of products await athletes, family, friends, and triathlon fans!

We look forward to seeing you!

Come and visit the Itaú BBA space, take part in the quiz, acquire new knowledge about triathlon, and receive a personalized gift. In addition to the quiz, Itaú BBA will also gift visitors with a personalized banner to support their cheering. Visit the booth, follow the profile @itaubba, personalize your banner, and show your support by posting your photo with the hashtag #itaubbaironman.

Panasonic, a century-old Japanese brand, is a global reference in the development of technologies and products based on consumer needs. The name Panasonic originates from the words “Pan” and “Sonic,” representing its goal of contributing to society’s development through its products. The company operates in both B2C markets, with Home Appliances, Personal Care, and Batteries, as well as in B2B, across various sectors.

At this stage, we’re investing in a different experience at our booth: athletes will be able to personalize their name on the official race shirt. Additionally, we’ve brought a photo exhibition of previous stages by photographer Thiago Ribeiro. Those who qualify in the international stage and secure their registration with the Avenue debit card will receive US$100 in their account to facilitate the transportation of their bike.

Hoka will provide test drives of its top models throughout the event, as well as medal engraving. How about taking a guess to win your Hoka cap? At the Hoka booth, you can immortalize this moment and get a flash tattoo. Check out the schedule at @hoka_brasil or at our booth.

DUX will be present at IRONMAN! Visit our booth and check out our product line, including our latest release, the DUX Energy Gel, at special prices. Our commitment is to help you achieve your maximum potential for the best possible performance. Get ready for an experience that combines innovation, quality, and great taste!

The bike for speed and performance enthusiasts is also the official bike of IRONMAN Brazil! Felt is Fast! Discover the bikes from the number one brand in the world of triathlon at the Felt space at IRONMAN Brasil.

A leader in modern and healthy lifestyle, the brand invests in innovation so that its thermal products can intelligently and versatilely simplify your daily life. Whether you’re preparing for training or recovering from races, your drink will always be at the ideal temperature. Explore the PACCO space, discover the products that will be your partners in all moments, and personalize them your way! PACCO, live even better!

As a Co-Sponsor of IRONMAN Brazil, OAKBERRY is a global superfood chain that delivers an innovative, healthy, organic, highly nutritious, and functional proposal through the consumption of açaí. Present in 50 countries with over 700 units, the brand connects lifestyle with high performance and invites you to experience the 100% natural flavor that only OAK with its unlimited toppings and millions of good choices offers.

Technogym, one of the leading global brands in digital products and technologies for fitness, sports, health, and wellness, is one of the sponsors of IRONMAN Brasil and will be present at the event showcasing its latest releases, as well as equipment that accompanies the training routines of the country’s top professional and amateur triathletes. Today, more than 55 million people train with Technogym worldwide.

Get ready to elevate your performance with doozy sports at the IRONMAN Brasil expo! Doozy sports brings the most advanced technology and comfort for your swimming. Come explore our products, designed especially for swimmers and triathletes seeking to surpass themselves and succeed. Our booth is the meeting point for those aiming to achieve new personal bests and push limits. Your journey to excellence starts here!

You already know Parmalat, the leading milk brand. But have you heard about our Parmalat WheyFit line? Visit our booth, try out our compression boots, test your agility at our activation, and sample our products! Come join us, and hurry, there are prizes to be won!

The brand offers high-performance cosmetics designed not only for sports but ideal for all routines! Discover our products resistant to water and sweat, with very high UVA and UVB protection factors, and that accompany different activities, every step, and any pace.

The store offers, through its products, the opportunity to improve performance in the sports you practice.

Swiss brand, a global reference in sports compression products and accessories for triathlon. Enhance your sports performance with lighter, more breathable, and comfortable products. New products, new colors, and the same Compressport quality!

Discover the taste of victory with Dýnami! Come and explore our wines inspired by the strength of triathlon. Visit our booth and immerse yourself in the unique experience that only Dýnami can offer!

The best equipment for the recovery of high-performance athletes. Reboots, Repad, Smartgun. The best technology, highest durability, and cost-effectiveness in the market. Enhance your training performance with Intensity isonercial equipment. The future of high-performance sports training.

With a decade of experience, Max Recovery offers solutions to prevent, recover, and treat injuries. We are official sponsors of the Brazilian Olympic Committee (COB), Brazilian Paralympic Committee (CPB), Brazilian Athletics Confederation (CBAt), and Brazilian Equestrian Confederation (CBH).

Experience the performance, technology, and unparalleled comfort of Woom products. For 15 years, we have been specialists in developing differentiated and high-quality products for triathlon, running, cycling, and swimming. Visit our booth to discover the latest releases and exclusive promotions.

In our store, you’ll find the best sports accessories for your performance. Come and get your Steigen socks, your goodr sunglasses, your original LockLaces elastic laces, and much more. We look forward to seeing you!

Check out the fastest and most coveted bikes in Triathlon, like the Trek Speed Concept! In 2024, explore new groupset options, wheels, and unbeatable prices! In addition to all the specific Triathlon accessories you already know, you’ll find Trek Ballista helmets, Sidi shoes, and much more!

Find the best brands in triathlon accessories at Tribo Esporte: Hoka, Rudy Project, Blue Seventy, Xlab, and special hydration systems. Discounts and special conditions, hurry to check it out!

Present at IRONMAN Brazil since 2016, taking care of athletes in the days leading up to the race, with chiropractic care and myofascial release. Everything with the proper care so that the athlete or family member feels 110% for race day.

Bike Irada is a company specialized in road and time trial bicycles, as well as cutting-edge parts and accessories for cycling and triathlon. We have been in the market for 4 years and offer specialized services such as premium maintenance, bike fitting, and aerodynamic solutions. Come meet us at IRONMAN!

BLUESEVENTY will launch its HELIX 2024 wetsuit nationally, the world-renowned high-performance wetsuit in triathlon, also showcasing its full product line. You will be able to try our wetsuit from the display to find your size and take yours home right away!

Soul Cycles – Come and discover our renowned New 3R5 with new clips for Triathlon, time trial, and short triathlon, making the bike even more complete! Besides bikes, unmissable offers await you in Soul Plus, our bike subscription program with several advantages. See you soon!

EVOE is a brand of the C2M Sports Group. We produce a wide range of products for swimming, cycling, running, triathlon, and fitness. Our materials are developed and manufactured with the most advanced technologies in the national and international textile segment to provide athletes with greater performance, style, comfort, and durability.

RUDY PROJECT – Made in Italy, THE WING, the fastest aero helmet on the market, and the brand’s performance eyewear are exclusively available from the official distributor GRUPO KOHALA LTDA. DARE2RIDE BRASIL offers the latest smart bike roller technology. Come visit our booth next to the pool.

Immerse yourself in instant recovery. Gelo Health brings its ice baths to relieve sore muscles, reduce inflammation, and improve performance. Experience the power of cold to reach your best. Focus your mind, relax your body, and conquer your challenge. Brrreak your limits!

RIDERS Bike Shop brings the aero helmets from the German brand ABUS, manufactured in Europe with the highest technology for you to gain aerodynamics and save watts, and here with exclusive discounts for participants of IM Floripa2024. In addition to the latest sunglasses releases from OAKLEY, and carbo gels from the SYS brand.

Go Ahead is a company made by athletes for athletes, where you can find sports equipment such as glasses, suitcases, backpacks, bike bags, and much more.