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As we are in a residential area, vehicles are parked on public roads. There is enough area for this, however, with some restrictions:

Avenida dos Búzios will have a shared lane for cars and athletes from 10 PM on Saturday (May, 18th) until 01 AM on Monday (May, 20th). The direction closest to the beach will be two-way for cars, while the opposite lane will be used for athletes. For this reason, parking of cars will be prohibited on Avenida dos Buzios from Hotel Il Campanário to P12. We suggest park your vehicles on other streets. Public circulation on the avenue will be better on foot;

Other streets that will have restricted access in this region are Avenida das Raias and Avenida dos Dourados. In both, the track will also be shared between athletes and cars. We recommend athletes and family/friends use Waze App, which will be our partner during the 2024 season, indicating the best route and alternative routes to leave the neighborhood.

We also ask respect the exit from the garages, for local residents.


Location: Av. das Lagostas, s/n – CEP 88053-140

The distance from the transition area, located at Clube 12 de Agosto, to the swim start is approximately 1,500 meters (10 to 15 minutes walking).

There are several entrances to the beach from Passeio dos Namorados and will be signposted on the day of the race and with the help of staff.

During the swimming stage, athletes must pass through the sand after completing approximately half of the route. This passage occurs in front of the old Donna restaurant (Av. dos Pampos, s/n).


The entrance to the stands will be near Condomínio Residencial Ilha dos Corais / Residencial Via Vecchia, very close to the curve of Av. do Búzios. We suggest you go along the sidewalk on the left side of the avenue.

Entrance to the VIP and press area will be via Clube 12 de Agosto, after the transition area. Remembering that this space is restricted to guests.


The first athletes should begin transitioning from swimming to cycling at approximately 7:30 AM. Transition from cycling to running from 11:30 PM. The arrival of the first placed teams is expected from 2:00 PM.


We suggest download the IRONMAN TRACKER app adding the Itaú BBA IRONMAN BRAZIL event (available on Saturday, 18th). There you can follow your favorite athletes by their numbers. You can add more than one, if you want.

Check the Athlete’s List and Numbers over here.


The busiest area of the race, where spectators can view the first and final meters of the cycling and running segments.

Many TriClubs set up their tents in this place or prepare headquarters in houses located in this area.


Remember that Itaú BBA IRONMAN BRAZIL is an outdoor event, so it’s better to be prepare for all kind of weather conditions: wear comfortable clothes, bring a hat, sunglasses and umbrella. And don’t forget the sunscreen and a water bottle!

We hope you have a fantastic time and enjoy all the race moments.

What to do while your athlete is competing

Take a walk at IRONMAN Village. This area offers different stores. Schedule:

– Wednesday (May, 15th) from 02 PM to 07 PM

– Thursday (May, 16th) from 09 AM to 07 PM

– Friday (May, 17th) from 09 AM to 07 PM

– Saturday (May, 18th) from 08:30 AM to 07 PM

– Sunday (May, 19th) from 07:30 AM to 08 PM

What to do when your athlete cross the finish line


He/she will have completed an IRONMAN, one of the most prestigious endurance races on the planet!

There are approximately 2.000 competitors and representatives from more than 20 countries. Isn’t it amazing?!

FLORIANÓPOLIS – Discover the secrets of the Magic Island

Considered by triathletes the main destination for the sport on the continent, the city has also become a national reference of innovation. The consistent growth of the technology sector even led to the Island being nicknamed Silicon Island, an allusion to Silicon Valley in the United States.

In addition to the paradisiacal beaches, famous for their fresh waters and exuberant views, visitors can enjoy the historic infrastructure in the city.


Certainly, the city’s most famous postcard. Take the opportunity to visit the viewpoint located in Parque da Luz, especially in the late afternoon, where you can enjoy the sunset and a privileged view of the bridge, which has special nighttime lighting.


In addition to panoramic views from various points on the island, the Viewpoint offers other attractions, such as a picnic area and paragliding or hang gliding flights.


The nickname “Island of Magic” did not come by chance. Florianópolis is known for several myths and legends. One of them says that witches chose the Itaguaçu Beach, in the mainland region, for a party. Several mythological beings were invited, except the devil. As a form of punishment, the dark spirit transformed the witches and the guests into stones, which to this day seem to be floating in the middle of the green sea, forming a unique and charming scene.


Place surrounded by historic buildings, such as the Municipal Market, which date back to the end of the 18th century and beginning of the 19th century, when Florianópolis was an important commercial port in Brazil. In addition to its architectural beauty and history, it is an excellent gastronomic and cultural meeting point for residents and visitors to the Island.