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The 1,900 m course over 1 lap on Rio de Janeiro’s most famous beach – Copacabana – the stage for the country’s main swimming events, including the Rio 2016 Olympics. With calm and protected waters, athletes will have an unforgettable experience swimming in the IRONMAN 70.3 Rio de Janeiro.

Complete race course available HERE.


After completing the swim and T1, the athletes leave Copacabana heading downtown (lane on the side of the buildings), via Botafogo, Flamengo, Santos Dumont Airport, following the Marcello Alencar Tunnel until reaching the Rodoviária Novo Rio (km 15) where the first return is located. At this point, the athlete returns using the same lane of the buildings on an exclusive lane next to the central median until the start of the Botafogo Inlet (km 26). There they will find the 2nd return, where the lane changes to the beachside, on a lane next to the central median. The athlete will repeat the route until the Rodoviária (km 38), reaching the 3rd return on the same lane, in an exclusive lane, until the start of the Botafogo beach. This completes LAP 1.

At the 4th return (Km 49), the athlete will change lanes to the side of the buildings, thus beginning LAP 2. The cycling continues until the Bus Terminal (Km 61), where the 5th return will be, on the same lane next to the central median until the beginning of Botafogo. For the last time, the athlete reaches the 6th return (km 73), returning to the lane until The Bus Terminal, reaching the 7th return (km 85) and heading towards Botafogo. The athletes will complete the cycling near km 89, accessing the Marina da Glória, and heading towards T2.

The athletes should be aware of the turns when they complete LAP 1 (km 49), especially in the differentiation between LAP 2 or finishing the biek course. All turns will be differentiated and well signaled.

Complete race course available HERE.



The 21 km race is held in three laps around the Aterro do Flamengo, on a predominantly flat course surrounded by the beautiful, internationally renowned beaches of Rio de Janeiro.

Complete race course available HERE.