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Get ready for an amazing event! 

Whether you’re a competitor or a supporter, the crowd plays a vital role in making the race an unforgettable experience.

Here are some tips that might be usefull. 

Universidade de São Paulo (USP) ACCESS

From Thursday to Satuday (GATE 1):  Reference Av. Alvarenga x Av. Afrânio Peixoto (known as Rua do Jóquei).

Sunday, until 01 pm (GATE 3): Reference Av. Corifeu de Azevedo Marques – Access to Hospital Universitário/Hospital Veterinário.

Sunday, after 01 pm (GATE 1): Reference Av. Alvarenga x Av. Afrânio Peixoto (Known as Rua do Jóquei).

CEPEUSP – Centro de Práticas Esportivas da Universidade de São Paulo

Entrance by Avenida Professor Mello Moraes.

2023 Itaú BBA IRONMAN 70.3 São Paulo complete schedule – click here.


We suggest go by car. Cidade Universitária is the main campus of the University of São Paulo, covering more than 3.7 million square meters, so there are several parking spaces available. The circulation to other parts of the campi or the city are better with your own vehicle or a rent car, if you came from another city.

The nearest subway station is Butantã (yellow line), located approximately 2 km away. Next to it, there is a bus terminal with some lines that go directly to the University.

On Sunday, RACE DAY, we would like to remind you that due to traffic restrictions on Av. Professor Mello Moraes (in front of CEPEUSP), parking must be done in the streets near Conjunto Residencial USP (CRUSP), Praça do Relógio, and the Rectory building. We suggest using a taxi or a transportation app for greater convenience.


If you intend to take family and friends to the swimming start at 6:00 am, we suggest arriving at USP through Gate 3 by 5:00 am. Fans can stay in the last 500 meters of the swimming route. The area at the beginning of the swimming course will be isolated for the safety of athletes and the public.

If your idea is to arrive after the swimming, remember that the entrance will be only through Gate 3 until 1:00 pm.

 The first athletes should start switching from swimming to cycling at 6:20 am. The transition from cycling to running will occur at 8:40 am. The arrival of the first-place athlete is expected at 10:00 am.


We suggest download the IRONMAN TRACKER app adding the Itaú BBA IRONMAN 70.3 São Paulo event (available on Saturday, 27th). There you can follow your favorite athletes by their numbers. You can add more than one, if you want.

Check the Athlete’s List and Numbers over here



Avenida Professor Mello Moraes, in front of CEPEUSP, is the best place to position your fans! You will be able to follow the swimming > cycling > running transitions and, at the end, the arrival of our athletes! 

We do not recommend looking for points outside the University due to traffic restrictions.

See the race route maps here.


Remember that Itaú BBA IRONMAN 70.3 São Paulo is an outdoor event, so it’s better to be prepare for all kind of weather conditions: wear comfortable clothes, bring a hat and sunglasses, and don’t forget the sunscreen and a water bottle! São Paulo is also known as the land of drizzle (Terra da Garoa), so we also suggest taking a jacket and umbrella with you.

We hope you have a fantastic time and enjoy all the race moments.

What is Allowed

Let’s add some energy and excitement to animate our IRONMANS! Here are some fantastic ways to cheer them on:

SCREAMS OF ENCOURAGEMENT: Your support and encouragement can make all the difference.

POSTERS: Get creative! Bring along colorful posters with inspiring messages. Show our athletes that we believe in them and that they’re doing an incredible job.

BELLS, COSTUMES, CHOREOGRAPHIES: Together, we can create an electrifying atmosphere that propels our IRONMANS to the finish line with triumph!🎉📣👏🎊

It's not allowed

We`ll be on University of São Paulo, so participants and spectators must be aware of some campus rules:

NO ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES: Let’s respect this rule to maintain a safe and family-friendly environment.

NO DRONE USAGE: To ensure the safety and privacy of everyone, the use of drones is not allowed during the event. 

NO PETS INSIDE CEPEUSP/VELÓDROMO: Puppies are welcome in all outside areas and streets.

As a public space, we strongly encourage everyone to maintain the cleanliness. Please dispose of trash properly. 

What to do while your athlete is competing

Take a walk at IRONMAN Village inside the VELODROME. This area offers different stores and some Food Trucks. Schedule:

– Thursday (September 21) from 12 pm to 09 pm
– Friday (September 22) from 11 am to 09 pm
– Saturday (September 23) from 08 am to 08 pm
– Sunday (September 24) from 07 am às 07 pm 

What to do when your athlete cross the finish line


He/she will have completed an IRONMAN 70.3, one of the most prestigious endurance races on the planet!

There are approximately 2,000 competitors and representatives from more than 20 countries. Isn’t it amazing?!