Itaú BBA IRONMAN 70.3 Aracaju - Sergipe SPECTATORs GUIDE

Get ready for an amazing event! 

Whether you’re a competitor or a supporter, the crowd plays a vital role in making the race an unforgettable experience.

Here are some tips that might be usefull. 


Adress: Praça de Eventos – Santos Dumont Avenue, next to 1800 – Coroa do Meio

The most convenient mode of transportation in the city is by car. On Sunday, November 24th, a part of Santos Dumont Avenue will be closed, next the seashore, the access will be restricted for the running event. However, parking or drop-offs will still be permitted near the Coroa do Meio neighborhood, close to the Sergipe Tennis Federation.


Adress: Dr. José Emídio do Nascimento Avenue, next to 200 – Mosqueiro.

We recommend arrive at the Swim Start and T1 by car. There are no private parking open at these times, so vehicles must be parked on public roads near Streets A, B, C, and D, as well as the streets close to the Yacht Club. Another option is to park near Rodovia dos Náugrafos, Travessa A, and Iate Street.

We advise arriving early, the traffic may be difficult because there will be a lot of people going to the same location. We also suggest avoiding parking near the Marinas side and Rua José Francisco Matias. The Airton Senna highway (SE100) towards Praia da Caueira, José Francisco Matias Street, as well as avenues Dr. José Domingos Maia and Inácio Barbosa, will be completely closed due to the race’s cycling route.

These streets will only reopen after the cycling route is completed. For the safety of the athletes, no vehicle will be able to leave this area until approximately 11:00 AM

Check Itaú BBA IRONMAN 70.3 Aracaju – Sergipe schedule HERE



Transition 1 will be opening at 4:30 AM. Swim Start will be at 5:30 AM.

We recommend arriving early, the traffic may be difficult because there will be a lot of people going to the same location.

The nearest subway station is Butantã (yellow line), located approximately 2 km away. Next to it, there is a bus terminal with some lines that go directly to the University.

On Sunday, RACE DAY, we would like to remind you that due to traffic restrictions on Av. Professor Mello Moraes (in front of CEPEUSP), parking must be done in the streets near Conjunto Residencial USP (CRUSP), Praça do Relógio, and the Rectory building. We suggest using a taxi or a transportation app for greater convenience.


The first athletes should start transitioning from swimming to cycling at 5:55 AM. Participants should start to go through the transition from cycling to running around 8:00 AM. The arrival of the first place finishers is expected at 9:30 AM.


We suggest download the IRONMAN TRACKER app adding the Itaú BBA IRONMAN 70.3 Aracaju Sergipe event (available on Saturday, 23rd). There you can follow your favorite athletes by their numbers. You can add more than one, if you want.



The best place to stay will be at Av. Santos Dumont, 1800, near Praça de Eventos. Here, spectators can watch cycling-to-running transition, a big part of the running curse and our athletes crossing the finish line!

For detailed race route maps, please click here (soon).


Remember that Itaú BBA IRONMAN 70.3 Aracaju – Sergipe is an outdoor event, so it’s better to be prepare for all kind of weather conditions: wear comfortable clothes, bring a hat and sunglasses, and don’t forget the sunscreen and a water bottle!

We hope you have a fantastic time and enjoy all the race moments.

What to do while your athlete is competing

Take a walk at IRONMAN Village. This area offers different stores. Schedule:


– Thursday (September 21st) from 02 PM to 07 PM

– Friday (September 22nd) from 09 AM to 07 PM

– Saturday (September 23rd) from 9 AM to 07 PM

– Sunday (September 24th) from 08 AM to 07 PM

What to do when your athlete cross the finish line



He/she will have completed an IRONMAN 70.3, one of the most prestigious endurance races on the planet!

There are approximately 1,500 competitors and representatives from more than 15 countries. Isn’t it amazing?!

Aracaju – Discover the Hidden Paradise of the Brazilian Northeast!

Aracaju, the capital of Sergipe, might be Brazil’s smallest state capital, but it offers a lot of tours for all tastes and ages.

Atalaia Beach, the place choose for our IRONMAN Village, boasts numerous craft fairs, children’s play areas, sports courts, and even a kart track. It is also home of Tamar Project, also known as the Aracaju Oceanarium. At the seashore you will also find the iconic Atalaia arches with the “Eu Amo Aracaju” (I Love Aracaju) sign and the famous Passarela do Caranguejo.

Near the Swim Start, at Orla do Pôr do Sol (Sunset Boulevard), you’ll find Croa do Goré and Ilha dos Cavaleiros, a favorite tourists tour. These two immense sandbanks emerge between the calm waters of the Vaza Barris River and the sea, offering hammocks in the water and floating bars —  perfect place to relax!

Other popular tourist destinations include:

Santo Antônio Hill, the city’s highest and oldest point, where Aracaju was founded. You can explore the Santo Antônio Church and enjoy stunning views of the city and the Sergipe River from a nearby viewpoint.

Aracaju’s Markets, situated in the historic center, are also a remarkable tour. Thales Ferraz and Antônio Franco Markets feature numerous craft shops and offer typical products such as sweets and nuts. At the Maria Virgínia Leite Franco Market, you’ll find a variety of spices and flavoring, and sections dedicated to meat, seafood, fruits, and vegetables.

Just 20 kilometers from the city, you’ll arrive at Xingó Canyon. A boat trip along the São Francisco River provides one of the state’s most breathtaking landscapes. The place was a popular a movie and novel’s set.